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WORKSHOP "DEEP SENSITIVITY AND TONIC REGULATION" (level A, rubrospinal tract levels of paleokinetic regulations) (.doc, 30,5 KB)

WORKSHOP -- DISINHIBITION OF MOTOR AUTOMATISMS (Level of synergies and cliche's or level B by Nikolai Bernstein) (.doc, 25,5 KB)

Arkhipov B.A., Maksimova E.V., Orlova A.S. Union of children and parents in the process of bodily correctional work.// The report and the master class on "the Third International scientific-practical conference "Psychology of body: theoretical and practical research" 24 - 28 January 2011.//

The parents nurse their children, but they don't pay much attention to their patterns of movement and behavior affecting children. Based on the personal practice of the correction the children with different developmental disorders authors show how the specificity of parents' perception and movement may affect the formation of perception and movement in their children. It is concluded that the abilitation of children is more effective if children and parents consolidation is elaborated in process of games and communications. The examples of simple and effective methods of such consolidation are provided.

Key words: N.A.Bernstein, deep sensation, tonus, communication, children-parents relationship, body orient psychotherapy.